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Digital North once again steps up to the plate accepting the digital gun challenge, produce a 6 minute short film in under 48 hours. The theme was limited to “a room with a view” The Film opened at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto and is presently in submission to a number of different film festivals.

The film Madame Robér centers around a psychic “Robér” played by Paul Fowles. Robér is called in by the Toronto Police to solve a wave of disappearances of out of town comedians playing in Toronto. Aided by the out of body Victim (Tim Bolen) and supported masterfully by the Rookie cop ( Matt Borch) Robér sets out to find the victim and deal with his own issues of being a male psychic in a female dominated profession.

The reviews are in...

“Hilarious!” “Interesting comedic style… well created characters.”
“Loved the dead guy and the rookie cop!” “Nicely written & directed.”
“Lighting was surreal and in mood with the psychic’s world”
“Interesting angle on the paranormal…Here’s to male psychics!”
comments courtesy Digital Gun Awards 2003

Director: Christina C. Tyson Cinematography: Greg Bobier Audio: Jeff Martin Lighting: Darren Martin Line Producer: Dorothy Hanlon

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