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Shot for the prestigious New York Midnight Madness Film Festival; this short film depicts the very funny Paul Spencer as a guy with a ladder phobia, a domineering grandmother (Gladys Grant) and a girlfriend (Kathy McGrath) that wont take no for an answer.

A Digital North media Production
A Canucked Film

Written & Directed by Christina Tyson & Greg Bobier
Assistant Director Daniel Hughes
2nd Assistant Director Cindy Mathieson
Cinematography Christina Tyson & Greg Bobier
Editing Christina Tyson & Greg Bobier
Cast Paul Spencer as Male Lead
Kathy McGrath as Female Lead
Peter Hughs as Painter 1
Jeff Bowers as Painter 2
Gladys Grant as Grandma
Extras Jo-Anne Hughes
Keely McGrath
Wendy Litt
Emily Hughes
Jull Densmore
Grips Christopher Bobier & Gabriel Bobier
Music Piers Simpkin & Kristain Neilson

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